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So I’ve been sick the last few days. That’s why I’ve been quite. Anyways, I’m not sure where this blog is going. See instead of having this solid platform, concret layout, I’ve been thinking of going to more of a mobile and diverse platform. Something like medium, or tumble, heck even Facebook and instagram blogging. 

At lest then I I’m killing two or more birds with one stone. Whereas here everything is very separate and individual. That might be okay for someone with a solid subject to discus or even an outline of material they want to cover. But I’m just talking about whatever pops up, whatever is going on in my life. 

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Figure it out man. 

I’m trying to decide if I want to continue in cyber security, or go to a programming degree. I think I’d be able to stay with DHS if I stay C.S but programming has a vast number of paths I could take. 

I’m also debating going into the ebike industry, I’d love to own my own shop and sell eBikes and work within that while scene, but inorder to have a supply / shop I’d need about 75k startup. That’s just not feasible right now. 

Alright. That’s all I’ve got right now. Our briefing is going to start. 

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Going live, or so we thought. 

Man, I’m saddened at yesterday’s news of the Facebook live killing. But that man dererves zero  attention and plablicity. So I’m going to move on. 

I think I got like 3 hours of slee last night. I’m exhausted today. Has anyone tried Mixtiles? I’m thinking about trying it out. Since switching to iPhone, I haven’t used my DSLR in like 3 years. My camera is old though, I’ve got a Nikon d3100. It’s been a good little camera but it’s too clunky for me, too large. I want something slim and small like the fugi x100f or a Sony a7r2 or w/e it’s called. I dunno if I want or need additional lenses. I like and enjoy that like 50mm distance/style you get with fixed focal lengths. 

Back to Mixtiles, I think it’d be neat to just send some of the high resolution files off directly from my phone and have some prints show up at my door. 


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It’s 2 am, good morning!

I’m getting ready for work. Just wanted to post something fresh to the site. I’m planning joining the gym at the airport soon. Probably with my next paycheck. I need to start getting serious about my HP. Oh’ Plz forgive me if I use video-game terminology in this blog. I will also forget words in sentences and misspell words frequently. Which you’ll only notice them if I’m posting from my phone, the spell check doesn’t work very well on mobile devices.

I might do a blog series about me going to the gym and losing weight, or the rebuild of my garage. I don’t know. I’m not dedicating this blog to anything any more. Just whatever I want to talk about when I want to talk about it.

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Document, don’t create. 

I don’t know if anyone actual reads my blog or tweets, or if it’s just a numbers game on the Internet. You like so I like you back, vise Versace with follows. Recently I’ve been watch a lot of #garyvee and I agree with a lot of what the guys says. 

In today’s market, or whatever, if you go on YouTube there are so many people “creating” the same content over and over again. So many people though are saying “hey, I’m a content creator” so they take out 50k loans and buy the camera, clothes, studio and skateboard #caseyniestat is using and don’t realize this guy have been creating adds for companies and short films since he was in his 20’s. 

I’ll be candor here. I used to like @caseyniestat and his documentary style videos about #bikelane or #ipodbattery scam. I was even following him when he first did/started daily clogging. It was great stuff. Was. After 365 daily clogs and now he’s named them after episodes it’s repetitive and boring. I unsubscribe do because I don’t want to see him in his daily life with w/e he’s doing. I enjoyed the documentation of him getting there. 

That’s where @garyvee comes in. The dude has a plethora of content and even tho they are very similar, they are all done on scale, in real time. They look real, feel real and have real attraction because they are so raw. I really believe He’s on to something with the whole “document, don’t create” advice he’s throwing out. 

Just my though of the day. 

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9/15 update and back to life. 

Ruts, you get stuck, and it’s hard to break out. I get stuck on one thing and it’s hard for me to flip the switch and move on. Anyways, what I should have been doing since Jan. is talking about my eBike and all that goes into owning an electric bike and what they can do for you, save $$$ on gas, insurance and other things. 

Well I mess up and let eight (8) months go w/o a post. Silly really. But I’m here to fix that, today. 

I own two bikes, a gravity fatbike from bikes direct, and Gates carbon belt drive commuter bike from priority bicycles. 

So far I had success turning the fatbike into an eBike with the Bafang BBHD from Luna cycles. There was always an underlying issue with the chain dropping out when shifting to the granny gear. It’s because I didn’t know enough just starting out to measure the bottom bracket and the chain stay. There isn’t enough clearance everything. 

So I am still considering turning the commuter into electric, but it’s not a pressing issue. 

I’m mainly focusing on work and family. We just moved in to this home almost 2 years ago and now we are moving out. It’s just too small for all of us here. 

I’m working two jobs now, and I’m super stoked for one of them. I was just hired as the social media manager at @smallplanetebikes and soon we’ll be putting out content on Ebikes and all things electric. 
More to come later. Gotta get ready for my other job. 

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Change of plans

APAD: Jan 7 2016

I know, I know it’s been 4 days since my last “A photo a day” post. I’ve been busy, and lazy about it. I’ve also been doing a lot of inner-self evaluations about where, who, and what I’m doing. I need some focus and concrete plans and goals for 2016, not just a photo a day project. I need a list of goals with dates and times on when I should be doing what and when I expect to complete or finish a goal.

With that being said, I stumble upon a 52 week building your photography plan, that’s way more focused and goal oriented than my idea of a photo a day. So today is the deadline for week one and I’ll be uploading the 52 week plan and the photo for this week. Thanks for being patient and understanding.

If you’re interested in joining me and the many thousands of people who are participating in this 52 week project, please visit Dogwood Photography and click the links to find the Facebook and Flickr groups.