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I’ve been in college since q3 of 2013. Mainly taking it slow and just a few classes at a time. I had to take a good number of “developmental” classes to get to English 121/122 and Math 121. And in my last semester of developmental classes they completely changed those programs, now requiring students to build those basic skills before community college. Currently I’m about 80% finished with my general education courses and only need to focus on my program specific classes.

However I’m seriously doubting the validity of America’s community college system. In my computer classes that I’ve taken; okay I have to go back to fall of 2014 real quick. I took a C programming class in which I learned diddly squat. I passed with a B, but I didn’t understand what the instructor was saying and this instructor obviously didn’t have “soft skills” that are so in-demand in the IT industry because everything he said was over our heads.

A lot of the students and myself turned to the Internet for help with assignments. What I mean is, that some “teachers” have the technical  knowledge to teach, but lack in teaching ability. So far I haven’t experienced a solid educational teacher in my computer science classes. I even had to drop my UNIX fundamentals class because my instructor was a nervous wreck making it impossible to focus on learning anything.

So, in the foreseeable future I’m  going to get my Networking compTIA certification. Then I’m going to take off from this spring and summer semesters to work and help my wife with the new baby that’s coming in December. We’ll see how it goes from there.



I love my family, my church and my bicycles. EBikes to be specific. ;)

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