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Document, don’t create. 

I don’t know if anyone actual reads my blog or tweets, or if it’s just a numbers game on the Internet. You like so I like you back, vise Versace with follows. Recently I’ve been watch a lot of #garyvee and I agree with a lot of what the guys says. 

In today’s market, or whatever, if you go on YouTube there are so many people “creating” the same content over and over again. So many people though are saying “hey, I’m a content creator” so they take out 50k loans and buy the camera, clothes, studio and skateboard #caseyniestat is using and don’t realize this guy have been creating adds for companies and short films since he was in his 20’s. 

I’ll be candor here. I used to like @caseyniestat and his documentary style videos about #bikelane or #ipodbattery scam. I was even following him when he first did/started daily clogging. It was great stuff. Was. After 365 daily clogs and now he’s named them after episodes it’s repetitive and boring. I unsubscribe do because I don’t want to see him in his daily life with w/e he’s doing. I enjoyed the documentation of him getting there. 

That’s where @garyvee comes in. The dude has a plethora of content and even tho they are very similar, they are all done on scale, in real time. They look real, feel real and have real attraction because they are so raw. I really believe He’s on to something with the whole “document, don’t create” advice he’s throwing out. 

Just my though of the day. 



I love my family, my church and my bicycles. EBikes to be specific. ;)

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