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Change of plans

APAD: Jan 7 2016

I know, I know it’s been 4 days since my last “A photo a day” post. I’ve been busy, and lazy about it. I’ve also been doing a lot of inner-self evaluations about where, who, and what I’m doing. I need some focus and concrete plans and goals for 2016, not just a photo a day project. I need a list of goals with dates and times on when I should be doing what and when I expect to complete or finish a goal.

With that being said, I stumble upon a 52 week building your photography plan, that’s way more focused and goal oriented than my idea of a photo a day. So today is the deadline for week one and I’ll be uploading the 52 week plan and the photo for this week. Thanks for being patient and understanding.

If you’re interested in joining me and the many thousands of people who are participating in this 52 week project, please visit Dogwood Photography and click the links to find the Facebook and Flickr groups.

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APAD: Jan. 02. 2016


Camera: D3200
Lens: 18-55mm 3.5-5.6
Settings: Brightness/Contrast, Black and White color levels.

This is a co-worker from my job. I didn’t have an opportunity to go out and photograph anything so I tried some slow shutter speed settings.

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January 01 2016.

Camera: Nikon D3200
Lens: 50mm
Settings: 1/500th @ ISO 100 F/8
Photoshop corrections: Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tone.

8:45 am on my way to work this morning, I saw how clear the sky was and how visible Denver was from an overpass. I didn’t have time to park and get out, so I shot this out of my passenger side window (rolled down). I wish that freeway sign wasn’t obstructing the view, but I still like the general composition of the the city and its relation to the surroundings.

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A Photo a Day 2016

I’ve never tried a photo a day project in my life. In fact, after graduating from Hallmark Institute of photography in 2006, I haven’t been in love with photography at all. After graduating I actually had less confidence in myself and was way more apprehensive about photographing the world around me than before. I had a few assistant jobs here and there and even did the wedding photography thing for a while, but I wasn’t happy and didn’t feel confident about what I was doing. It’s been nine years since graduation and this year I desperately want to rekindle my love for photography. See I am a creative person, I’m a decent artist where I can draw practically anything I see and I’m usually the guy who figures things out in an unconventional way. However, in the last few years I’ve been in a creative slump. Being married and having kids has forced me to focus on getting other tasks and things finished before my own creative needs. Priorities right.

So I plan on taking a photo a day in 2016. I don’t really have any camera equipment besides a Nikon 3200 with the kit lens and a 50mm prime and an iPhone. I have some other photography related goals I’m hashing out right now, but I’ll expand on those as they come to fruition. I’ll be uploading them here with a short bio of the image and why I captured it. I’ll also be posting it on my Flickr account or somewhere. I’ll keep you posted.