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9/15 update and back to life. 

Ruts, you get stuck, and it’s hard to break out. I get stuck on one thing and it’s hard for me to flip the switch and move on. Anyways, what I should have been doing since Jan. is talking about my eBike and all that goes into owning an electric bike and what they can do for you, save $$$ on gas, insurance and other things. 

Well I mess up and let eight (8) months go w/o a post. Silly really. But I’m here to fix that, today. 

I own two bikes, a gravity fatbike from bikes direct, and Gates carbon belt drive commuter bike from priority bicycles. 

So far I had success turning the fatbike into an eBike with the Bafang BBHD from Luna cycles. There was always an underlying issue with the chain dropping out when shifting to the granny gear. It’s because I didn’t know enough just starting out to measure the bottom bracket and the chain stay. There isn’t enough clearance everything. 

So I am still considering turning the commuter into electric, but it’s not a pressing issue. 

I’m mainly focusing on work and family. We just moved in to this home almost 2 years ago and now we are moving out. It’s just too small for all of us here. 

I’m working two jobs now, and I’m super stoked for one of them. I was just hired as the social media manager at @smallplanetebikes and soon we’ll be putting out content on Ebikes and all things electric. 
More to come later. Gotta get ready for my other job. 

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9 Days

Nine days is when summer session begins. I’m taking a Digital Photography class, and Intro to Psychology. Summer is going to be too short this year. The rain here in Colorado is terrible; it’s been raining for off-and-on for 2 weeks, but feels like 2 months.

I visited a new eBike shop this past week. It’s called¬†eSpokes4folks and is located at 7100 Broadway St. in Denver. I also test road a bunch of eBikes while there and because I’m so passionate about bikes and friendly, I have become an independent eBike representative for them. It’s like a dream job right, I can talk and ride bicycles all day and even though it’s straight commision right now, I can still work my other craptastic job.

I’m still debating on which eBike to get, but I’ve narrowed it down to the Pedego City commuter and the e-Joe Koda. Odds are I’m going to go with the City commuter. I love the look of it and the powerful 500w geared hub is quick and I dunno, while riding it I just felt good.

Lately I’ve been getting the urge to start photographing again…it’s weird. It comes and goes like a summer breeze. I attribute its resurfacing to watching the “Casey Neistat” vlogs. He’s a fellow cyclist and takes some amazing time-lapses. It might have something to do with me getting ready to take another photography class… I just needed an ART credit, and nothing else seemed appealing.

I’m still upset about my Alienware, I can’t afford to get it fixed right now, but I will in a few weeks. I just need to buy an external HD and back everything up before I commit to sending it back to Alienware.