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Document, don’t create. 

I don’t know if anyone actual reads my blog or tweets, or if it’s just a numbers game on the Internet. You like so I like you back, vise Versace with follows. Recently I’ve been watch a lot of #garyvee and I agree with a lot of what the guys says. 

In today’s market, or whatever, if you go on YouTube there are so many people “creating” the same content over and over again. So many people though are saying “hey, I’m a content creator” so they take out 50k loans and buy the camera, clothes, studio and skateboard #caseyniestat is using and don’t realize this guy have been creating adds for companies and short films since he was in his 20’s. 

I’ll be candor here. I used to like @caseyniestat and his documentary style videos about #bikelane or #ipodbattery scam. I was even following him when he first did/started daily clogging. It was great stuff. Was. After 365 daily clogs and now he’s named them after episodes it’s repetitive and boring. I unsubscribe do because I don’t want to see him in his daily life with w/e he’s doing. I enjoyed the documentation of him getting there. 

That’s where @garyvee comes in. The dude has a plethora of content and even tho they are very similar, they are all done on scale, in real time. They look real, feel real and have real attraction because they are so raw. I really believe He’s on to something with the whole “document, don’t create” advice he’s throwing out. 

Just my though of the day. 

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9/15 update and back to life. 

Ruts, you get stuck, and it’s hard to break out. I get stuck on one thing and it’s hard for me to flip the switch and move on. Anyways, what I should have been doing since Jan. is talking about my eBike and all that goes into owning an electric bike and what they can do for you, save $$$ on gas, insurance and other things. 

Well I mess up and let eight (8) months go w/o a post. Silly really. But I’m here to fix that, today. 

I own two bikes, a gravity fatbike from bikes direct, and Gates carbon belt drive commuter bike from priority bicycles. 

So far I had success turning the fatbike into an eBike with the Bafang BBHD from Luna cycles. There was always an underlying issue with the chain dropping out when shifting to the granny gear. It’s because I didn’t know enough just starting out to measure the bottom bracket and the chain stay. There isn’t enough clearance everything. 

So I am still considering turning the commuter into electric, but it’s not a pressing issue. 

I’m mainly focusing on work and family. We just moved in to this home almost 2 years ago and now we are moving out. It’s just too small for all of us here. 

I’m working two jobs now, and I’m super stoked for one of them. I was just hired as the social media manager at @smallplanetebikes and soon we’ll be putting out content on Ebikes and all things electric. 
More to come later. Gotta get ready for my other job. 

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Change of plans

APAD: Jan 7 2016

I know, I know it’s been 4 days since my last “A photo a day” post. I’ve been busy, and lazy about it. I’ve also been doing a lot of inner-self evaluations about where, who, and what I’m doing. I need some focus and concrete plans and goals for 2016, not just a photo a day project. I need a list of goals with dates and times on when I should be doing what and when I expect to complete or finish a goal.

With that being said, I stumble upon a 52 week building your photography plan, that’s way more focused and goal oriented than my idea of a photo a day. So today is the deadline for week one and I’ll be uploading the 52 week plan and the photo for this week. Thanks for being patient and understanding.

If you’re interested in joining me and the many thousands of people who are participating in this 52 week project, please visit Dogwood Photography and click the links to find the Facebook and Flickr groups.

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A Photo a Day 2016

I’ve never tried a photo a day project in my life. In fact, after graduating from Hallmark Institute of photography in 2006, I haven’t been in love with photography at all. After graduating I actually had less confidence in myself and was way more apprehensive about photographing the world around me than before. I had a few assistant jobs here and there and even did the wedding photography thing for a while, but I wasn’t happy and didn’t feel confident about what I was doing. It’s been nine years since graduation and this year I desperately want to rekindle my love for photography. See I am a creative person, I’m a decent artist where I can draw practically anything I see and I’m usually the guy who figures things out in an unconventional way. However, in the last few years I’ve been in a creative slump. Being married and having kids has forced me to focus on getting other tasks and things finished before my own creative needs. Priorities right.

So I plan on taking a photo a day in 2016. I don’t really have any camera equipment besides a Nikon 3200 with the kit lens and a 50mm prime and an iPhone. I have some other photography related goals I’m hashing out right now, but I’ll expand on those as they come to fruition. I’ll be uploading them here with a short bio of the image and why I captured it. I’ll also be posting it on my Flickr account or somewhere. I’ll keep you posted.

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Planning for 2016

When I last posted in October, I was in a weird state. I had just dropped out of college to take care of some personal business. With that business now drawing to a close and a new chapter opening in my life, I’m feeling a bit insecure. I’m doubting things that I used to think we’re 100% what I wanted.

I’t like now the wind is blowing, and it’s blowing hard as heck. I’m at an intersection and I’m getting tossed left and right… I don’t remember in which direction I was headed, and it doesn’t matter the wind is choosing for me. I need to get a grip and catch my balance.


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I’ve been in college since q3 of 2013. Mainly taking it slow and just a few classes at a time. I had to take a good number of “developmental” classes to get to English 121/122 and Math 121. And in my last semester of developmental classes they completely changed those programs, now requiring students to build those basic skills before community college. Currently I’m about 80% finished with my general education courses and only need to focus on my program specific classes.

However I’m seriously doubting the validity of America’s community college system. In my computer classes that I’ve taken; okay I have to go back to fall of 2014 real quick. I took a C programming class in which I learned diddly squat. I passed with a B, but I didn’t understand what the instructor was saying and this instructor obviously didn’t have “soft skills” that are so in-demand in the IT industry because everything he said was over our heads.

A lot of the students and myself turned to the Internet for help with assignments. What I mean is, that some “teachers” have the technical  knowledge to teach, but lack in teaching ability. So far I haven’t experienced a solid educational teacher in my computer science classes. I even had to drop my UNIX fundamentals class because my instructor was a nervous wreck making it impossible to focus on learning anything.

So, in the foreseeable future I’m  going to get my Networking compTIA certification. Then I’m going to take off from this spring and summer semesters to work and help my wife with the new baby that’s coming in December. We’ll see how it goes from there.