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I’ve been in college since q3 of 2013. Mainly taking it slow and just a few classes at a time. I had to take a good number of “developmental” classes to get to English 121/122 and Math 121. And in my last semester of developmental classes they completely changed those programs, now requiring students to build those basic skills before community college. Currently I’m about 80% finished with my general education courses and only need to focus on my program specific classes.

However I’m seriously doubting the validity of America’s community college system. In my computer classes that I’ve taken; okay I have to go back to fall of 2014 real quick. I took a C programming class in which I learned diddly squat. I passed with a B, but I didn’t understand what the instructor was saying and this instructor obviously didn’t have “soft skills” that are so in-demand in the IT industry because everything he said was over our heads.

A lot of the students and myself turned to the Internet for help with assignments. What I mean is, that some “teachers” have the technical  knowledge to teach, but lack in teaching ability. So far I haven’t experienced a solid educational teacher in my computer science classes. I even had to drop my UNIX fundamentals class because my instructor was a nervous wreck making it impossible to focus on learning anything.

So, in the foreseeable future I’m  going to get my Networking compTIA certification. Then I’m going to take off from this spring and summer semesters to work and help my wife with the new baby that’s coming in December. We’ll see how it goes from there.

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Where to start?

What’s the point? When ever I start to write, I lose my vision of what I wanted to write about. Was it even important to begin with??
I don’t know. What do we/I know? I’m trying to go to school to pick up a new skill, a trade skill that will get me a job that’s not flipping burgers all day. Will it? I don’t have a clue. Because it’s not so much learning the new skill as it is about being skillful.

Hold on my LOL GAME JUST STRTED.  Talon is a beast. I went 23/9/9 that game.

Skillfull in life, skillful at life. We are bombarded with distractions from every direction 24/7. I don’t know what Anyone else is doing, or planning on doing; but I’m going to get refocused on fulfilling my dreams. Doing what I want to do for a living. Never looking back and saying, “I wish I had done this or that.” Focused like a lasebeam. Only time will tell.

Anyways. I’ll journ more tomarrow.

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9 Days

Nine days is when summer session begins. I’m taking a Digital Photography class, and Intro to Psychology. Summer is going to be too short this year. The rain here in Colorado is terrible; it’s been raining for off-and-on for 2 weeks, but feels like 2 months.

I visited a new eBike shop this past week. It’s called eSpokes4folks and is located at 7100 Broadway St. in Denver. I also test road a bunch of eBikes while there and because I’m so passionate about bikes and friendly, I have become an independent eBike representative for them. It’s like a dream job right, I can talk and ride bicycles all day and even though it’s straight commision right now, I can still work my other craptastic job.

I’m still debating on which eBike to get, but I’ve narrowed it down to the Pedego City commuter and the e-Joe Koda. Odds are I’m going to go with the City commuter. I love the look of it and the powerful 500w geared hub is quick and I dunno, while riding it I just felt good.

Lately I’ve been getting the urge to start photographing again…it’s weird. It comes and goes like a summer breeze. I attribute its resurfacing to watching the “Casey Neistat” vlogs. He’s a fellow cyclist and takes some amazing time-lapses. It might have something to do with me getting ready to take another photography class… I just needed an ART credit, and nothing else seemed appealing.

I’m still upset about my Alienware, I can’t afford to get it fixed right now, but I will in a few weeks. I just need to buy an external HD and back everything up before I commit to sending it back to Alienware.

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I purchased an Alienware in March of 2014. The M14x with all the bells and whistles. I know it wasn’t the best decision I’ve made computer wise, but I’ve always wanted one, and I had the extra money so I bought it.

The experience, since the start didn’t leave a great taste in my mouth. The M14x was delayed by over a week due to an out of stock part. Then once I finally got it there were a host of problems. Firmware not installed properly, drivers not installed or updated. Minor stuff that really could have been done to insure the “quality” of the name brand people think they are getting with such a laptop.

Now, just a year into owning it, and past the warranty I might add, the backlight on the monitor went out. Kapoop. I can’t explain it or understand it, except for it being a manufacture defect. I’m not rough with my computers. The M14x was my desktop replacement, so it never leaves the house. I called Dell several (literally) times to try to talk to someone and all they know is the service tag. Once you give them the service tag, that’s it. They look up some info and see that your warranty is up and transfer you to another department. I was hung up on about 4 or 5 times before finally being connected to someone. They gave me the phone number of the “out of warranty” department who wasn’t taking calls that day. They were only taking emails. So after about an hour of this and that with Dell customer service; I finally got an email address. I emailed the department and received an answer “it will cost 430$ to ship, repair and ship back” essentially is what the email said, along with 7 days.

I just don’t see how this is “good” customer service. Obviously this is a manufacture defect, but I can’t get anyone to stop transferring me long enough to listen and help me with my problem. Additionally I’m not going to pay the 430$ to have it repaired. That’s ridiculous; I’m fairly sure I can find the exact same screen and do the installation myself for 200$ or less. If I can’t, then I’ll consider sending it back.

Finally, I believe this will be the last “Dell” product I purchase. I don’t expect much from companies, but I expect at the least to be heard and not shuffled around like a deck of cards.

Alienware you just lost a fan.

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What I’m watching

I don’t watch a ton of Tv, but I like to watch Netflix here and there. Here are a few shows I’m watching in between School and work.

1) The Walking Dead
2) Gotham
3) Netflix’s Dare Devil
4) Orange is the new black

1) If your are not a zombie fan, TWD is great starting point for getting hip to what all the zombie talk is. It’s a Drama with action and a decent story line.

2) I love superhero’s so when Gotham came out I was right there to start watching it, and I must say it’s a fantastic take on Bruce Banner as a child, growing into the Dark Knight!

3) Dare Devil has never been my favorite show/movie or comic series, but after catching the newiest Netflix original, it’s growing on me fast!

4) Orange is the new black is interesting. Not a whole lot to say about this show, but it’s pretty good.